Choose The Right Moving Company With This Moving Companies Selection Guide

(In these cases, the mover often gives the customer a low bid, and then ups the price once the goods are on the truck.) Go with a name you know There are plenty of quality name van lines to choose from. If you have never heard of a particular mover and you have no references from friends or business associates, be very careful! Dont be swayed by a super-low price from an unknown firm; remember, youre entrusting your mover with almost all of your personal possessions. Choosing from among similar estimates References are important.

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Ask questions about the difference in pricing since it may have to do with what services one company provides that another doesnt, the amount of insurance included, or valuation of your belongings. Never hire a mover who gives you a quote based on cubic feet. Never, ever sign blank paperwork, or paperwork that hasnt been fully explained.

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